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A Brief Chronicle of His Involvement with Jesus Christ.

Godbless Abu is the seventh of twelve children born to Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Alice Abu in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria in West Africa. Godbless Abu has been married to his wife, Rosaline for 24 years and is blessed with four children, who have been very active in his Ministry. His father was the founder and a priest of the Aizenu Secret Society. He was consequently exposed to spiritual darkness of the Aizenu Cult activities and practices at a very tender age of 6 by his father. 

Thankfully, in 1983 he was saved by Jesus through the Apostolic Faith Church, Ijebu – Ode, Nigeria. Unfortunately, this salvation was short-lived. He fell back to his old ways of life prior to his salvation. He was finally subdued and arrested once more by the Lord Jesus Christ in February, 1991 in the New Covenant Church, at Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria. Sequel to this arrest, he went on to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ relentlessly. Over time, he noticeably excelled in touching and impacting his congregation with the gospel of Christ. As such, he was assigned more responsibilities and progressed within the echelons of the Church to becoming an Elder and eventually a Pastor of a branch of the New Covenant Church at Shagamu City, Nigeria along with his wife, Rosaline. He was the Pastor of the Shagamu branch for nine years.  

One evening in 1997, the Lord Jesus appeared to him in his bedroom and laid his hands upon him while giving him instructions and a special assignment to go out and fish for men on his behalf. By this uncommon visitation, he was included among Jesus’ present day Apostles. Which lead to great manifestations of God’s Power including the miracles of deliverance and healings which accompany his Ministry to this day.
Mindful of the heavenly instructions and subsequent visions he had received, he went to Ilewe–Eran prison in Abeokuta, (one of the toughest prison in Nigeria) to preach the Gospel but was detained and taken hostage by prisoners for 24 hours. He was able to persuade the leader of this notorious group of criminals who coincidentally, was awaiting public execution and therefore had nothing to lose, was able to convinced him through effective scripture conveyance and interpretation that ensured understanding and acceptance; he embraced the Gospel, accepted and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior that same night.

In 2000, while in Santa Ana, California, He had to intensify his efforts in the discharge of the responsibility the Lord Jesus Christ had assigned to him after he reappeared and reminded him of the urgency of the mandate. From that moment, his efforts and determinations have taken him preaching from house to house, city to city and nation to nation. In so doing, equipped people with the necessary knowledge needed to be saved from the imminent wrath of God and also in the process, identifying their vocation and callings. Providing spiritual counseling and financial aid, to serious minded believers in Christ. 

One faithful night in 2004, He was in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia when Jesus Christ came and stood by me, He shown him a great nation prevalence with people involved in idol worshiping. He was amazed with the magnitude of people involved in these worthless and meaningless endeavors and was further weakened and wrecked by the thought of the work involved in bringing these folks to Jesus. Jesus then looked at him and asked, “won’t you deliver these six people from this nation before I pour out my wrath upon them?” His third encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ inspired him to initiate and lead massive revivals and crusades across the globe.

In August, 2010, while in route to Toronto, Canada to spread the word of God, the Lord manifests himself to him again. This time, he found himself being carried around a city in a chariot by Jesus Christ. This city was fully inhabited but could not see anyone as the city was covered in complete darkness. It was very clear to him that these people desperately needed the Light of God. When he got back to the entrance of that city, the Lord had vanished from the chariot. 

Over the course of twenty one years beginning with the New Covenant Church in Africa, he have from thereon embarked wholeheartedly on the preaching of the Gospel in love and faith while embracing whoever seeks the Lord or his Salvation or Mercy. He have taken every opportunity available to him to share and extending the Gospel through popular media such as the radio and televisions programs as well as Crusade and personal evangelism. If our Lord delays in coming, he will continue to pursue the Lord’s assignment with vigor and determination than ever before. Amen.