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God of all nations is world evangelical ministries
pushing hard to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus
Christ to all nations.

To recruit, train, and equip serious minded believers with the spiritual weapons necessary to fearlessly serve as God’s soldiers during the conclusive engagement of the End time Battle, by spreading the word of God worldwide. 

To organize and conduct doctrinal crusades, seminars, revivals, Holy convocations and spiritual guidance meetings. Such as Bible based events are especially crucial to the empowerment of our

current stock of leaders. To groom candidates who demonstrate the proper spirit, zeal, and metal attitude to assume future leadership responsibilities. 

To serve our communities through the merciful love of God, such as providing the homeless with shelter. 

To offer uplifting, and enlightening Godly counsel to the confused, the oppressed and the marginalized in our communities. 

To greatly increase access to improved general education and medical care by the poor and under privileged in our communities, earth wide. 

To set free the captives, so that all can enjoy the abundance of spiritual and earthly prosperity, and life available only through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

To help individuals to identify their gifts, vocation and ministry, and to provide the appropriate spiritual and financial support. To help them to fulfill their ministerial calling.